What’s so funny ‘bout Scala, Maven and Eclipse?

The bottom line is nothing… nothing funny and nothing fun.  From outdated Maven archetypes, to old and out of date POMs.  To add insult to injury getting the Maven project to work under Eclipse requires ignoring unrecognized Plugin Lifecycle steps.  It is pretty ugly.  I know SBT is the standard for Scala projects, but I am trying to move a lever here with a lot of Java developers where I work to use Spark with its native language - Scala

So in a shop already using Maven and Eclipse, the go forward is Maven and Eclipse - for Scala.  Once that river is crossed we can come back to getting over to SBT.  For the purposes of getting this transition under way I have started a Project at GitHub (https://github.com/InvisibleTech/spark-parts-and-pieces) where I provide a minimal, working Maven project using Scala 10.4 that you can import into Eclipse.

If this saves a few people the time I had to burn getting this to work on Linux and OSX under a couple of versions of Eclipse then I’ll have gotten something for the frustration.